Commercial + Residential 


Window Cleaning


Our technicians are skillfully trained in both traditional squeegee methods as well as in our eco-friendly pure water systems, ensuring every window up to 5 stories high will be reached.

That way you will always see clearly.


Eavestrough Cleaning

For peace of mind

West Edmonton Window Cleaning is here to keep your eaves and downspouts flushed and running properly. We also look for any structural problems on your downspouts and roof. If small repairs are needed, we're here for you.


"We believe that when you hire a company to do a job it should be done right the first time"


Pressure Washing

Keeping it Clean

We provide pressure washing services for a variety of jobs, with adjustable pressure suitable for anything and everything, we specialize in:


Store Fronts

Garage Pads


and more...



Rooftop Snow Removal

Why Do You Need It?

To prevent Ice Damming*, leaking, and/or the possibility of roof collapse which could result in extensive and preventable damage. 

Our team is experienced in the proper techniques of rooftop snow removal so as to cause no damage to your roof and shingles. We are alert to potential hazards such as roof vents and sky lights and take every precaution by using all the safety equipment required to ensure your roof is cleaned safely.


*Ice damming occurs when ice buildup blocks melting snow and ice from draining off your roof. This can result in water seeping into your walls, insulation and other parts of your home.




To learn more about our qualifications and safety standards please visit the "About Us" section.